I have been selling paintings for over 20 years and make sure that every single customer is satisfied with the work they purchase from me.

Every painting I create lives up to it's value.  Of course, one needs to see original oil paintings first hand if one is to gain the full experience and benefit and this is not possible to reproduce perfectly in digital formats.  

My prices are determined by past sales records for my work which has been established throughout my 20 year career as a professional oil painter.  Current demand is also taken into consideration when my prices are risen.  It is standard that my prices increase annually by 10% with the next price increase set for early summer 2013.

The current price you can expect to pay for my paintings, whether in a gallery, through one of my official representatives or directly from my studio is  $1.85 / sq. cm  

It is possible that this price may fluctuate with exchange rates and possible shipping charges, etc.  In addition figurative work is generally more expensive and the price is then adjusted for complexity, including multiple figures, hands, feet, etc.  Please contact me or one of my representatives with any questions you may have regarding the price of a specific painting or possible commission.

Some standard sizes and prices are as follow's and is intended to be a guide and does not reflect the price of any specific painting.

40 x 30 cm          $2,300

50 x 50 cm          $4,700

70 x 50 cm          $6,500

80 x 60 cm          $9,000

100 x 100 cm     $18,500

120 x 100 cm     $23,000

Payment plans are also available and are usually arranged in 2, 3  or 6 month plans.  Contact me and I am happy to discuss a plan that works for both of us. There is a 10% extra charge for this which is distributed evenly throughout the term of the payment plan.

I Thank you for considering my work as an addition to your collection.